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New for 2017 - Service Review, Redesign and (delivering) Results

Access Redesign is launching a new course for 2017! A one-day introduction on how to use tried and tested approaches to deliver tangible service change.

In a challenging economic climate, many services in the public, voluntary and private sectors are faced with making tough decisions as to where they can save money but at the same time improve the quality of services. Tempting as it may seem rapid cost reduction strategies are usually short term measures. What is needed is for services to look at how they can achieve sustainable service transformation through review, redesign and delivery of real results, leading to greater efficiency, reduction of waste and improvement of quality.

This programme is a ‘hands on’ inclusive day, covering how to undertake a service review, redesign and delivery, focussed on achieving tangible results. Tools and techniques and the experience of the speakers will be used throughout the day. The programme is suited for newly appointed as well as more experienced managers and clinicians.

The one day programme covers and includes:


  • Developing the review plan, approach and timetable
  • Collecting and using available data and information
  • Mapping out existing pathways and identifying areas for change
  • Engaging with the whole team to identify issues and challenge change ideas


  • Overcoming fear of change
  • Using tools and techniques
  • Testing and refining ideas
  • Engaging and gaining stakeholder commitment


  • Developing results-focussed implementation plans
  • Seeking approval and sign off
  • Monitoring plans and dealing with risks
  • Celebrating success!

Please contact us if you would like more information or register your interest

Access Redesign, established in June 2011 is a management consultancy, which helps organisations and teams to take a fresh look at the way they provide services and to offer practical approaches to redesign these to deliver significant and tangible improvements.

This small, but talented and experienced team have built a solid reputation of working with the public and private sectors. Access Redesign use an inclusive approach when working with services and work in association with managers, clinicians, administrative staff and other service providers to help improve access and delivery of services. With over 85 service reviews and redesigns they have shown that “there is always another way” to improve services and just because something has always been done in a certain way does not mean it cannot be changed for the better.

Access Redesign courses are led by Zac Arif, Director and Elizabeth Tideswell, Associate, Access Redesign Ltd

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Feedback from previous seminars

" Well delivered, knowledgeable and experienced facilitator. Made session stimulating and yet practical "

" Brilliant presentation - the best I have attended in the NHS "